BDSM Chat Rooms – Slaves & Sissies Need to be Punished and Disciplined. It’s a Fact 

Kinky chat rooms Live Cams with Kinky mistresses,  what all Mistresses need to do from time to time is to punish their slaves. Even if he/she is the most attentive sub on the planet, he will always make mistakes, and the number one rule for any slave who makes a mistake is punishment.

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Mistress has to nip any insubordination or mistakes in the bud and ensure her male inferior knows his place and does not get any ideas.  You may also want to check out our adult cam Section chat rooms where we have many femdoms and kinky girls waiting to take you on a kinky taboo journey.

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A BIG part of any BDSM chat session

Therefore, a staple part of any femdom session or relationship is the need for punishment and chastisement.

Whether it is humiliation, psychological or physical, if you as a sub have driven her to have to discipline you then you best believe you will be about to learn a lesson you will not forget in a hurry. If you screw up, you get punished it’s as simple as that.


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Most Times, They Are Based on The Classic Bdsm Rules

Most of the time, they are based on the “classics”. Things such as an over-the-knee spanking, a whipping, face slapping, or verbal berating are the staple of any punishment session, and almost everything will be rooted in that way at some point. They will usually revolve around your personality and preferences. Check out the adult phone sex for more kinky chats

It is important to remember that bondage and discipline and femdom are fantasy based, and therefore, although you are being punished, it must be mutually enjoyable at the same time. If you take a pencil and break it, then it ceases to be of any use to you anymore. The same is true of slave chastisement. Or view the chat areas with specific fetishes, like the foot fetish cams chat section

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Mistress & Slave Punishment

If a Mistress gives out punishment the slave does not “enjoy” (for want of a better word), then he will not gain anything from the session and will either rebel further or not return and seek another Dominatrix to serve.

What makes one slave horny and satisfied that his session has been a success will leave another feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

It is a fine line and what many women who think they are Dommes don’t appreciate is that it is not just about beating your slave or calling him a loser.

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Hard work is required! If you want to check out our bondage ideas and self-bondage within the BDSM scenario, then be sure to check out our page, where we detail many different bondage ideas for you to pursue a kinky lifestyle

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The number one activity for bondage, Discipline  punishment, is

The age-old favourite of a good over-the-knee spanking. Nothing spells humiliating like having your trousers and underwear pulled down, yanked across her lap, and having your bare ass spanked by her hand, a hairbrush, or paddle. Are you ready to check out the very best camtocamsex site? then read on and learn why its the best site on the planet for kinky  live video feeds

The buttocks are a hotbed of nerve ends, and it’s like a junction under there so some well-placed smacks will produce an incredible amount of endorphins. Combining those with the pain of the actual smacks creates an amazing sensation. We really do have the best fetish chat areas here

Usually, the sub will be required to count the number of smacks and thank his Mistress after each one. She will also tell him why he is being spanked while she does it. Check out phoneChatME

Then there is face slapping. Receiving a slap every time she mentions your misdemeanour will make you associate that pain with your tardiness. You can check out the fetish cams room here.

She may slap your face as she has you explain why things are not up to her standard or will simply give you slaps and make you count each one, thanking her after each one as well, obviously!

Deeply humiliating for a slave, given that he must stand there and take each backhander without complaint You can also check out -phone sex lines


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Having a butt plug inserted in your arse and made to wear it for hours at a time is extremely humiliating. It is a constant reminder of your errors and will be very uncomfortable for the “wearer”.

It makes walking and especially sitting a chore in itself, and to have it in there as you continue with the rest of the session and serving your Goddess will ensure you think twice before displeasing her again.

One of our favourite ways to frustrate our submissives is via masturbation instructions and jerk-off play; from ruined orgasms to edge play and cum eating, we have many different scenarios to teach our slaves, so be sure to check out the masturbation chat rooms.

Another old favourite is a good telling-off. Pain is not always needed when words can hurt more. Yelling in your face or cutting you down with an icy tone and steely glare, most Dommes can make you feel small and intimidated.

Whether you got an unauthorized erection and need some small penis humiliation to make you realize how pointless it is, spill a drink or were just sloppy with your chores, she will give you a verbal telling-off that will rip you a new arsehole and leave you in no doubt that you are in the bad books.

The biggest fear for a male slave is getting an unauthorized erection. You will never get to have sex with your Mistress and masturbation is rarely allowed, so you have no need to get a hard-on. So let your little dick get stiff and needs to be dealt with immediately.

She may have you slap the sensitive head till it gets soft or she will whack it herself or with a belt, ruler, or hairbrush. Either way, you will lose the stiffy.

An unauthorized erection will occasionally be followed up by a period of chastity where your cock is locked in a cage to prevent any more of these episodes.

The length of time spent locked up when she is your keyholder is entirely up to her and unless you want the time extended indefinitely, you won’t complain or ask to be unlocked!

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Five types of Kinky Play

 Play that I recommend for people who are new to bondage and discipline, and regardless if you’re interested in getting started because you’re a masochist or a sadist or a pet or little or even if you think you’re a switch, there should be something on this list that sparks your curiosity.

I try my best to get something from across all the different ranges of the BDSM spectrum, but this is not a complete list. This is just a way to kind of get your idea started and

kind of figure out how you want to start introducing it into your life I have an entire channel dedicated to BDSM.

So if you want to learn more about some of the things that I mentioned here or you want to learn more about it in general, be sure to check out the rest of my website and, in particular, the links down in the description box for the most relevant topics.

I’ve discussed it previously. let’s go ahead and start with my first recommendation, which is velcro restraints. This is a number one recommendation for anybody who expresses interest in

Bondage of any kind is that rope bondage tight rope bondage scarves chain handcuffs anything like that the first step I think that you should take before you invest in all the other material is velcro restraints there are a couple of reasons for that, number one is they’re cheap and easy to find if you go.


to sites like Amazon, if you go to even most vanilla sex toy stores you are going to be able to find velcro restraints of some kind be they just things for around the arms or stuff around the leg sometimes you can even find like a full-body suit made out

of velcro restraints the one kind I would stay away from is the sort where it’s like it goes around the neck like this and the velcro is in the back because that can cause pressure and in a panic situation, it can be hard to take off. We have the best kinky webcam rooms with the kinkiest Mistresses

In general, velcro is very safe. It’s very easy to take off a lot of people who are new to BDSM don’t realize exactly what the feeling of being restrained is going to do to them or their partner mentally, and it can seem hot in theory and then suddenly you get into it and you panic.

The reason why Kruger strains are good is that it’s easy to take off you can take it off, a partner can take it off if something happens you don’t have to fumble around for keys if a paramedic or neighbour stops by they’re not gonna have any trouble undoing you if it’s an emergency situation and again they’re also comfortable, and they’re cheap, so it’s a really good way to get the feeling of bondage without

making a big investment you’re not risking something cutting into the skin like handcuffs, and they’re just really good all-purpose all-around tools that you can keep in your tool bag for us as you continue to grow in your kinky journey.

The second recommendation for people who are interested in roleplay now is when you get more into the community, and you start meeting people who are what are called lifestyle errs, and you meet people who are in 24/7 power exchange relationships.

You will find people who debate whether or not it’s all roleplay that’s a fantasy if it’s really make-believe, and that’s a whole other conversation. Still, I think regardless of what you’re interested in doing in Bondage and discipline, if you’re a masochist, a sadist, a pet, a little anything like that, a great foundation to start with is trying out roleplay because it’s something that a lot of people already do during intimate activities with their partner.

It’s very accessible. It was very, very easy to find things that you can do anything from nurse doctor role play or nurse-patient role-play pet and owner role play age play all sorts of different things it can be anything that you can think of teacher professor soccer coach anything can be something that you roleplay because really what roleplay is just pretending to be something that you’re not and it can seem cheesy, and it can seem kind of tired and played out but just pick up some simple props

You can take a trip to the Halloween store. I recommend going when everything is on

sale immediately following Halloween, and just pick up a bunch of different stuff to play with and see what kind of feels right to you.

I find for some people who are interested in it but are nervous and nervous about the way that it might affect their identity or their personal life of their relationship with a partner temporarily stepping into a role, even just very casual costume-based role play or just fantasy can be very securing and can help somebody make the transition between normal vanilla life.

What’s kind of been normal into more of headspace and as you get more into BDSM, you may find that adopting some of these headspaces is some of these different forms of roleplay that you’re learning how to use are very helpful to get into the sorts of feelings that you enjoy most about participating in it. It’s a relatively low risk you’re just playing a role you can take the costumes off anytime that you want.

The third recommendation is sensation play,

Sensation play is one of my favourite types of play in BDSM because there are so many different sensations you can play with hearing, smell, taste touch, all of that can be used to enhance intimacy and to start exploring your and your partner’s bodies in a new way. It’s very accessible again; all these things we are going to be recommending are meant to be accessible you’re not going to have to go out and spend $300 on bondage set to be able to do anything.

I’m going to be recommending it today so just look around your house feather duster that works with ice cubes you bet the back of a cold spoon is awesome. Just look around and see what different textures and different smells different things you just have around the house that maybe you’ve never really thought of before.

Maybe you caress them over your partner’s back, or you rub their lips against a cold ice cube, or maybe you stroke the back of their neck with a feather or maybe their sides you see if they’re a little bit ticklish.


Building Intimacy And Trust

It’s really just a good way to practice building intimacy and Trust as a baseline for a  relationship in a way that’s very non-intimidating and non-threatening because there only is it accessible financially it’s not going to be something that’s going to leave you with bruises.

It’s not probably going to be painful it’s something that is really easy to recover from, and unless you’re accidentally using something that your partner is allergic to, you’re relatively safe.

In terms of causing any sort of long-term mental damage to your partner, if you’re just doing something like a simple sensation placing suddenly you can build on -It’s something you can take with you when you start experimenting more with pain play when you start experimenting more with sensory deprivation.

All of those things are great. You can also incorporate sensory deprivation specifically into this something like your plugs work great very simple easy to find a very simple sleep mask for a blindfold. You don’t need to buy anything specifically BDSM related just a simple sleep mask will work very easy to take off.

It provides your partner with a way to enhance their experiences of the sensation because part of their senses are being blocked off, which is making sense of touch or whatever senses are remaining more intense. I did mention masochists at the beginning of this article, so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention at least one kind of pain base play so far.

let’s talk about spanking as the quintessential form of impact playing rarely will you find somebody who bottoms to pain play and who has never tried spanking before it’s relatively easy it’s accessible it just uses your hands it’s not that complicated.

It’s a lot more intuitive than other forms of impact play like caning or flogging again, you’re just using your hands what you really need to be mindful of when you’re spanking is how much force you’re using and the exact locations where you’re hitting.

spanking pictures

You can’t just go and smack as hard as you; please do not do that please use some thought process when you are going to be slapping at a partner it is generally something that’s done on the actual bottom itself, not done.

Like above on the tailbone, avoid the bone maybe a little bit on the very, very upper thigh but keep it till the actual like the meat of the bottom. Just play it safe and listen to your partner’s responses, get constant feedback, just go slow, don’t move your hand super far back from the body, just kind of almost like you’re tapping.

It’s kind of a good way to start even. You can vary the shape of your hand, so maybe it’s curved around the shape of the bottom or completely flat, or your fingers are spread, or maybe you’re wearing gloves, or your partner is wearing panties or full clothing plenty away so you can play with the intensity and the sensation. Still, it’s really up to you and your partner to kind of get feedback.

See what feels right. I don’t think this is something you need to take classes on

just to kind of get a sense of how it works, but if you want to read more about spanking and get kind of more insight into actual spanking techniques because this is just a general overview of what spanking is, this is not a tutorial.

I recommend the lover’s Guide to spank I think it’s called I will link it down below please check that out is an amazing guide to all things related to spanking and caning if you want to learn more, so for my last suggestion.

I was thinking of doing something that was more power exchange-focused because I know a lot of you are very interested in power exchange but doing any kind of power exchange, at least for me, can be very, very personal.

It can be difficult to communicate, and it can be difficult to negotiate, so I don’t always recommend it for people who are completely new to the scene, but if you want just a little teeny taste of what it’s like to do power exchange.

What I can recommend is using a collar and a leash, and I think anything is more symbolic of BDSM and, in particular dominant and submissive relationships than somebody wearing a collar on a leash. You can buy them at dog stores; you can buy them at a sex toy store, or you can buy them online at a specialized kink shop.

This doesn’t really matter where you get your first collar from, so long as the materials are not something your partner’s allergic to and it fits right.

Feelings When wearing a Collar

So what do you want to aim for, by the way, just in case you were wondering? It’s something that is just once you put it on if you’re a submissive person, a lot of us will have this like moment of like this is my life this is what I meant to be not that that will always happen for you. Still, I find that many people at the moment of having a collar prod it’s just like this is my life how interesting and it feels like you’re kind of becoming closer to yourself and being able to put a collar on.

Somebody can be a very moving, very powerful experience. If you are somebody who is leaning more towards the  D side of things I also recommend using a leash with this because they think that’s another way.

Beyond just the collar, you can break this into a casual basic scene that is simple to do the only thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is making sure you were pulling from the front of the collar, so the pressure is on the back of the neck rather than the front.

If you get from behind, this part of the throat is very delicate so don’t please don’t this part of the body if you don’t want to bring anything else from the article; this is dangerous and delicate. Don’t mess with this, please and tell me you can learn more about anatomy and get some more skills.

Just be cautious and careful. Don’t yank your partner on the leash. Go on a casual Rock around the living room and have them wear a leash while you’re doing dishes are folding the laundry.

Bring a leash with you and keep it in a purse while you’re going out grocery shopping tons of ways that you can use it, and it’s a great way again of getting that little tiny taste

There are a lot more skills that I didn’t talk about here, like negotiation and introducing your partner to BDSM and all of that great stuff, so if you want to know about those things, do check out the rest of the website.

One thing I do want to mention is regardless of what type of play you choose to go into, always make sure you’re communicating with your partner. You are giving feedback, not going past somebody’s limits, do things in very small, time-limited ways, three, five-ten minutes. That’s all you need to do to get started in this lifestyle.

BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism and is the act of one person submitting and handing over control to another.

latex mistress

One person will be the Dominant (or “top”) and will have control over the over, who is the submissive (or “bottom”). The bottom has to follow all commands, no matter how humiliating, given by the top, who can range from sensual to strict to downright mean and nasty.

It is one of the most popular ways for couples to spice up their love lives and a lifestyle choice for men and women to serve their “superiors”.

It can be had between a submissive male and a dominant woman (more commonly known as femdom), a dominant male and sub-female (maledom), or between two members of the same sex (gaydom). You can also check out the  BDSM cams over at BDSM cams – cock and ball torture

It can be between a couple spicing up their sex life or by a sub going to a paid Dominatrix and having her bring his submissive fantasy to life and being the Domme he craves (or vice versa for female subs)

Usually stirring images of spiked heels, whips, and chains, the world of discipline and punishments has so many more layers and ranges from very tame to outrageously wild.

Even using furry handcuffs can classify as indulging in some dark play, and it goes on right up till you have a fully fitted dungeon installed, complete with st Andrews cross, wall hooks, spanking bench, whips, and crops!

sexy femdom

It is always important to remember that this is all consensual. While the sub may be spanked, whipped or humiliated, he or she is receiving this of their own free will, and whilst the Domme may come across as mean or heartless, they are always respectful of the bottom’s limits.

To this end, it is a good idea to have a safe word the sub can use and bring the “session” to an end immediately.

Consent is key with BDSM, as well as trust. Both are necessary to ensure both parties have fun and get what they want from the time spent.

Many different acts are relevant. Spanking, bondage, boot worship, humiliation, smoking, fetish wear, and much more.

Anything goes as long as both partners agree. Usually, both partners will enjoy the same acts.

One may enjoy receiving a spanking for bad behaviour, and the other will get a kick from the control of dishing out pain. With both partners in tune, they can both get full enjoyment from it.

The world of dungeons and bondage is far too vast to be condensed into a few words, but the important thing to remember is that despite the pain, it is 99% of the time about fun.

Some people (know as lifestylers) even adopt a sub/dom lifestyle 24/7 where one partner is always under the control of the other for things like money, jobs, household chores, even right down to the power of permission to speak, whilst some dominants have a live-in slave to pander to their every need.

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