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Kinky Masturbation Cams Chat Rooms

Are you ready for the ultimate in cams chat? To have an uncensored and hardcore chat and mutual wank session with the girl of your dreams, all live and 1 to 1 on webcam? If so then you are minutes away.

Do you enjoy a cheeky little wank sometimes, or even many times a day? Does giving your cock a bit of polishing and “ripping the head off it” excite you? The best jerk Instructions online with kinky wank techniques & ideas with hot girls & guys

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Does Jerking off and Jacking your cock under instruction get you hot?

Do you feel your dick stirring at the mere thought of wrapping your hand around it and you can’t wait to unzip, grab your dick and get to it? Visit our live masturbation cams where our online cam hosts will talk you through edge play, ruined orgasm, tease & denial, and much more

Well, what if you knew there was somewhere else you could go to talk to a real live girl who loves talking about masturbation, wanking, and wants to do it with you? Do you think Jerking and wanking are only for private when no one knows and it is a dirty little secret that you never discuss or tell anyone about?

Well, think again. Looking for dominating phone sex? Where the girls give you joi Instructions?

On this site there are hundreds of sexy girls who also love playing with themselves and what’s more, they love having deep, long chats about different techniques and ways of pleasuring themselves, as well as how they give handjobs to guys.

There is no shortage of porn pictures and tube videos out there on the world wide web but nothing comes close to interacting live with a gorgeous woman who can actually answer back and help the whole session flow in the direction you want it to go.

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Orgasm Chat sessions, Control, edge play, and more

Since the age of 12 or 13, you have been wanking to whatever turns you on and will have developed a certain routine and way of doing it that will give you the “results” you want.

However, by using a masturbation chat session you can talk to a real female who will be able to give you alternative methods and ways of jacking yourself off that will freshen things up and give you a new edge.

Ways to twist or turn your cock with each stroke, how to edge yourself, using the famous finger up the ass trick, how to vary your strokes, and all manner of other things you can try rather than the same old same old.
Of course, a huge turn-on for guys is listening to a sexy woman describe how she jerks guys’ cocks, and luckily for you, this site is full of them!

Every single woman on this jackinchat site loves to tell in great detail how they jerk guys off. Check out the masturbation cams for hundreds of mutual masturbators who love to play live on cam

Telling you in intimate and graphic detail of how they stroke a cock to get it stiff and then slowly rub their hand up and down till it is rock solid then wrap their hand around it and begin wanking him off, slowly building up a tempo till they are pumping that cock furiously till their partner groans, spasms and shoots thick wads of cum all over their perfectly manicured hand.

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Another great bonus for jackin chat is having a session that involves having your chosen cam girl tell you in full how she gets herself off. How she rubs her clit, licks her fingers for a lube, uses any dildos or vibrators, how she flicks her button, how many fingers she uses, whether she puts her ankles behind her ears, the whole nine yards. She will go into great detail about what she does and how she does it and the ironic thing is while she is doing this, you will be unable to stop pulling your own cock!

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These are just a few examples of how a wanking chat webcam session can go. It is entirely up to you what you want from it. No matter what it is, the live camgirls are at your complete disposal and will be up for anything.

They can tell you how they wank, let you tell them how you do it, they can watch you, you can watch them, anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

jerk off ideas, and scenarios, what turns you on when jacking off? Is it sexy girls’ naked feet, you can view our foot fetish cams and chat with those babes, or is it the idea of a girl with big tits, or even some hand domination? No matter the scenario we have hundreds of live sessions available for mutual masturbating, orgasm control, jerk off instructions in a cam to cam sex room

All you need to know is that the girl of your dreams and the queen of every fantasy you have can be found on here and she is live and ready for a 121 live cam sex session with you. Prices start from as low as 33c per minute so you can have as long a show as you want without having to spend a fortune.

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There is also a free chat option where you can lay out the groundwork of how you want your session to go before entering the private area which means any actual credits you spend are used for the good stuff, not the boring talking bits.

Viral more of our – kinky fetish chat rooms here

So what are you waiting for? There are hundreds of girls waiting to talk to you right now about your wank habit. It is not a dirty little secret. Everyone does it so if you enjoy it then why not find a like-minded female and discuss it with her as well?

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Foot Fetish

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 Foot Fetish Cams – Kinky Feet Live

Some men are ashamed or embarrassed about their foot fetish, but we have good news for you! Being sexually attracted to feet is one of the most common fetishes in the world. While some fetishes seem to be more popular in a certain culture or region of the world, men from all walks of life (no pun intended) love feet! Check out the foot fetish phone sex here

Whether you love long or short toes, smooth or wrinkly soles, painted or natural toenails, big or small feet, dirty or clean, there is a  goddess out there with the attributes you love just waiting for you to worship her pretty little piggies!

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Ways To Indulge in your Feet Fetish

There are many ways to indulge in your foot fetish, both online and in person.
It’s very easy to find a goddess to worship online.

Facebook groups, Instagram, and Reddit are great places to find these women. Some charge for their services, while others get off on simply knowing how turned on you are.

You can find free photos and videos all over the internet. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, you can order a custom photo (or photo set) or video made especially for you! More foot fetish phone sex here

The upsides to personal photos/videos are that you can order exactly what you want to see. This creates a feeling of intimacy between you and your goddess, knowing she is choosing to do something so personal and pleasurable for you. You can also cam with your goddess if she’s into that. Watching a girl tease you with her sexy feet Check out the foot play cams

t is a huge turn-on, watching her suck her own toes, give footjobs, rub lotions all over their sexy feet.

On cam, she will tease you so hard! Showing all angles of her sweet, soft feet, toe crunching and spreading, close-ups, showing off her arches and more! She might let you watch her paint her toenails or use oil or lotion as she gives her poor, hard-working feet a well-deserved massage.

Perhaps she’ll get on cam for you while she gives a footjob or has one of her little slaves worship her feet. You’ll be both turned on and jealous!

Playing in person is fun, too! Watching a hot girl wearing a strapon showing off her feet can be a huge turn-on for some of our weak slaves. check out the strapon girls section and see just how dominant and kinky they do look

Are you looking for foot-fetish phone sex? Click and enjoy kinky foot fetish chat


Do all women Charge for feet shows online?

Again, some women will charge and some will do these things for free. Goddesses love to get massaged, get their toes sucked, soles licked, feet sniffed, and so much more. Some even want to trample you or play a giant fetish. A giantess fetish (aka Macrophilia) is where the man pretends to be very small and can even be crushed by a giant, dominant woman.

You may also want to experiment with feet jobs are just like a handjob, but your goddess will use her feet to jerk you off. There are toe jobs and sole jobs. The only difference between the two is which part of her feet she uses to make you cum. View more kinky BDSM training for cam slaves here

You may like both, but most men prefer one over the other. It just depends on what you’re into and what feels best for you! You will likely have to pay for a footjob unless your companion or other sex partner is also into this particular kink.

But if you imagine those sweet feet rubbing up and down your cock and her pretty little toes playing with your balls, and then being allowed to shoot your hot load all over her perfect feet, you can see why it is worth every penny! The more kinky foot fetish cams here

Footwear for  Fetishists – High heels, boots, and Sandals

Another fun way to experiment with your fetish is what shows you wear. Do you like to see a woman in heels or sneakers? Maybe just bare feet and natural? Do you like socks, stockings, or tights? Nylon or cotton? A  slave will often buy his goddess a pair of shoes or other shoe wear that he would like to see her in.

Many fetishes also loves the scent of stinky feet. A  goddess often sells her stinky socks or old, “trashed” shoes to her submissive fans. Don’t feel weird about liking such a thing. It’s all part of the fantasy fetish bigger picture. Visuals are not the only thing that gets a person turned on!

The interaction between a slave and a sexy goddess can be very fun and intimate. She wants to hear what you like. What colour should she get for her next pedicure?

Which socks do you like best? Should she wear her red or black heels tonight? She likes your input, even if she does not always listen to what you want.\par
She loves hearing how beautiful and perfect her feet are and what you would do with them if you were there with her.

If you want to please your foot goddess make sure to tell her that you will worship her feet in any way she desires. Tell her how you would treat her feet in great detail. She loves to be told how wonderful and pretty her feet are. Shower her with money and gifts so she can keep her feet in tip-top shape for you!

View our live fetish cams here –

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Strapon Cams Live Girls

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Strapon Cams Chat

We’re sure you’ve heard of strap-ons before, but have you ever been curious to try one out with your Mistress?  Well, we’re about to tell you why you should, you curious sub!


First off, anal is a spicy, sexy way to make your love life an adventure! They give an exciting, provocative level of control to your Mistress, and give your Queen new ways of training you as a slave. View our live  cams and get ready for the best anal training online

Looking for strapon phone sex? Then click and let’s chat


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Watch her wriggle into it – seeing her wearing this tingling toy gives you a whole new image of her. It’s not only breath-taking to look at: it can also create a deeper level of intimacy between the two of you. You’ll love the mental stimulation AND the titillating physical stimulation.

Mistress Wears Her Dildo for anal play

Your Mistress will take control of your sexual situation, and she will create the feeling that you’re being fucked by HER, physically, rather than just a dildo, cock ring, or finger toy. Strap-ons allow you to get up-close and personal with your divine Mistress. We have the best anal webcams online with proper prostate training

Also, free up her hands to delight or torture you as she sees fit. Use your imagination, and let your lovely lady use hers!

They are also excellent for adding a little something to jerk off instruction (or JOI) sessions. You love the thrill of instruction, domination and subordination – don’t you?

Have a look at  our submissive phone sex lines here for kinky  subs who need to be tamed and trained

More realistic Anal Invasion – Kinky Anal stretching on Webcam

With the use of a one, instead of having to hold a dildo with one hand, your Mistress can give you a more realistic view of how she wants you to play with yourself.

You’ll learn how to please her, and you’ll learn how your Goddess can please you. Look at this gorgeous lady, in control, wielding an instrument that will send you into spasms of pleasure. More here at Mistresscamchat – Mistress cams

Do you love the way she looks when she dominates you? You might be surprised at how much this new look – your new one – can turn you on!


Another reason to love your Mistress wearing one is that SHE loves it. Want to please that woman of power? She’s in charge. She wants to feel you, under her, pulsating with pleasure. You know how much she loves to be in control of you, and a strap-on adds to that feeling for her. You’ll thrill, inside and out, with the feeling of her in power, doing as she will and as she wants.

A slave is a sub that craves the wishes of his adored one. Mistresses love pushing their slaves’ boundaries, and one will do just that! Strap-ons are perfect for anal training, as she can switch out the dildo when she decides you’re ready for a bigger one.

Your Mistress is in control, and you’ll wait with glorious anticipation as she chooses the next tool for her pleasure – and it will be a tool for your pleasure, too. More mistress phone chat  sex here

Pegging fantasy  chat rooms – Watch females wearing   big dildos

Mistresses use strap-ons to remind their slaves who are in control by pegging them. Pegging is a mutual sexual pleasure. You’ll love the feeling as you feel your G-spot stimulated, massaged, and dominated. You’re a little slave, and you know what you need – a good pegging.

This involves your Mistress being literally and figuratively on top of you, thrusting and teasing. Reverse traditional gender roles (in and out of the bedroom; these roles are switched when your Mistress now has the “cock”.

A penis is seen as a symbol of power, even subconsciously, for most men. Let your Domme wield that power as she pegs you, moves within you and shares with you the feeling of being taken over. Find live strapon cams here for anal  training and pegging

You are the ultimate slave. Give your magnificent Mistress the power as she makes you suck her cock.

Massage hers for her, lick it, let her peg you, and open you as you become able to accept more and more. You’ll adore being on your chest, bouncing beneath your chosen Goddess as she manipulates you for your pleasure – and for her pleasure. Isn’t it about pleasing the Lady?

We have kinky females who enjoy the whole humiliation side of pegging and anal invasion and abusing some of our naughty little cucks if you are a cuckold that needs to be abused by a dildo or buttplug then check out the cuckold chat  section for anal stretching

The deep massage and stroking of your mistresses will open up new worlds of bedroom pleasure for you both. She’ll discover how hot your subordinate will be, and she’ll be inspired to peg you more, and harder. You’ll discover the thrill of being dominated by a hot, strong woman who isn’t afraid to take control of you.


Subs who love their Mistresses and their kinks are enjoying a new acceptance in the BDSM Fetish community. If you look, you’ll find no need to hide how hot you find being dominated by Domme who owns you, owns your pleasure, and owns a strap-on.

Don’t be afraid to get your own and look for that special Woman who will adore to move on you and move within you. Bring on the huge dildos and bring on the orgasms! You’ll find ecstasy you didn’t know was possible when you introduce strap-ons into your sexual play. Who knows…A mistress might just reward you.

You can try out our kinky cam-to-cam sex rooms and let our sexy ladies watch you as they tease you full-on while wearing their huge big cocks as they describe in great detail how they will bend you over and make you their little slutty bitch.


Cuckold Cams Chat

cuckold cams

Live Cuckold Cams Online

Being a sub, we already know you enjoy physical torture.  You love to be dominated, hurt, dressed up like a sissy, etc, but we think you should try a little mental torture, too.  What are we talking about?  Cuckolding!

Cuckolding has been called “the sex fetish for intellectuals,” due to the mental anguish, it will cause you.  Cuckolding is not like a threesome.  You are not part of the sex at all.  You are simply an onlooker in this situation–completely left out.  And we promise you’ll be happy about it! Get ready to be humiliated on our live webcam by hot women who like real men. Real  Uk cuckold phone sex here

cuckold chat, cuckold sessions


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Cuckolding is truly a mental and emotional type of play that will leave you humiliated…and wanting more!  Mistresses love inflicting this pain on you.

Some Mistresses do not get to engage in this particular fetish very often, so you can be sure she’ll go all out when she does! You can see more on our free BDSM chat page where we have listed loads of different types of scenarios that you will enjoy roleplaying with.


What is cuckold Chat?

A cuckolding chat would involve your Mistress either talking about being with another man–a REAL man–who can pleasure her properly, as you never could, or could even be a video chat of her having sex with a worthy man.  You know YOU are not worthy of your Mistress and she will show and tell you that very clearly–in every way she can think of.

She will love humiliating you and telling you how another man gets the privilege of touching her, kissing her, and fucking her.  You know she will never let you do all that because you’re just her slave. Check out the  live cuckold cams here

This type of play reinforces just how worthless you are.  You are below her.  She may even tell you stories about amazing men she has slept with in the past to make you horribly jealous and ashamed of yourself.

cuckold pictures


Will Mistress Call Me in Cam Session?

Your Mistress might call you on the phone while she is having hot sex with another man so you can hear how well he is pleasuring her.  This is even more torturous than reading the text! Especially if they decide it’s time for cock n ball torture making you sit with pegs on while they abuse you


If you’re very lucky, your Mistress may even let you watch as she has sex with another man.  You will see her shake and shiver with pleasure as this man does what you could not and will not ever do.  You will hear her moans and whimpers as you watch this man fuck her right.


She will tell you how much better he is than you.  His penis is larger, he’s sexier, he knows how to please her, what a masculine force he is, etc.  She wants this man all the time, she can barely think of anything else.  But she doesn’t want you.  She never wants you.

What will she do in the cuckolding humiliation session?

She will humiliate you in every way possible when it comes to how useless you are in bed.  Comparing your pathetic “abilities” to a man who she finds truly sexy and powerful will be a whole new kind of torture for you.  Mistress will go on and on about how wonderful he is, making you terribly jealous and feel truly beneath her.

She will explain why you would never meet her high standards.  She will tell you over and over all the embarrassing reasons you are simply not good enough for her.  This torture is a perfect way for her to remind you that she is an amazing, beautiful, powerful one in your relationship.  She is always in charge, both of your body AND your mind. Even Morecuckold cams here for kinky roleplay chats

cuckold chat, cuckold fetish


Cuckolding used to be a far more taboo fetish, but like many others, it is becoming more and more popular.  It is also enjoyed between married couples where the woman is the dominant sexual partner!  Many men actively search for men to have sex with their wives while they look on, helpless to do anything about the situation.

Is cuckolding Cheating?

Part of the reason cuckolding was previously so taboo, was because of the idea that a relationship should be between two people.  Many people nowadays are more interested in open relationships and polyamorous relationships.

Also, it carries a connotation of “cheating,” even though those of us who are familiar with/enjoy this fetish don’t see it that way at all.  How can it be cheating if all partners are consensual adults playing together and enjoying it?  Don’t let someone else’s hang-ups define you and your way of experiencing the pleasure!

Check out the fetish phone sex here

Men and women are becoming more open-minded about relationships, sex, and fetishes.  “Taboo” types of play are starting to be seen as exciting, rather than something to hide or be ashamed of.


So if you’re looking to be dominated and embarrassed by your Mistress in a new, exciting way, we highly recommend cuckolding!  You’ll have a totally different, but equally pleasurable experience as any other you and your Mistress have tried before!

If you are ready to experience what it can be like to become someone pathetic little cuck and to be used, degraded, humiliated, and dominated in a session then be sure to head on over to one of our chatrooms where we have hundreds of online Females waiting in a kinky chat room ready to take you to the next level.

All of our performers in that section know exactly how to deal with their cuckolds, how to train them, humiliate them, and show them how their new job life is to become the fluffer, the cleaner up person, cleaning the male’s cock after sex, licking the cum out her pussy after sex and teaching you how to understand your role in her world.

They may throw their panties at you and tell you to lick them clean and tase the juices, they may decide you must suck him off to make his cock hard before sex, they will most certainly insult you and remind you of your lack of size and that you will never be worthy of having sex with the female, you are a fluffer, the cock cleaning bitch, the cum eater, and cock hardener. We hope you enjoy your new role


Cock And Ball Torture Webcam Chats

cbt, cock and ball torture

Cock And Ball Torture Online Training and Ideas

Of all the BDSM and femdom activities there are, in every single list of bot Dommes and slaves most popular and most requested is a cock and ball torture. Commonly known as CBT, it is the ultimate power shift for a woman to abuse and torture male slaves’ most precious items. We have the best cock and ball torture webcams online with cam-to-cam sex

Nothing says femdom like a CBT session and if you need or want some then you have come to the ultimate website. For on here, there is access to the meanest, nastiest and cruellest Mistresses on the internet and they are all itching to get their hands on your jewels and bring tears to your eyes by abusing them for their own amusement. Check out the 121 Dominatrix Phone lines


cbt, cock and ball torture


Click here for cock&ball Torture cams – Click here

All Of Our Dominatrices Are experts in ballbusting and cock torture

Every single Dominatrix on this site knows exactly how to hit a man where it hurts and they are all experts in the art of CBT. They can use ordinary household objects in ways you never thought possible and will certainly keep you on your toes, and not just to avoid the sharp stings of her crop or the sickening thud of a wooden spoon hitting off your nuts! These dominatrices are experts in cock pain and ball slapping, punching, and busting

For every cock and ball torture webcam session, you can tell your Mistress what items you have that can be used. It can be shoelaces, toothpaste, hot sauce, spoons, belts and even electric BDSM equipment such as E-stims and tens machines. Tell her what you have and she will direct you in how to use them and blow your mind with her creativeness.

cbt pictures, ball weights, cock and ball torture
Many vanilla people think that CBT with female domination is basically just a man-hating woman beating a man’s junk with a whip or cane but the truth is that abusing a man’s balls actually requires a great deal of skill and precision. This area is extremely sensitive and delicate.


That’s why it hurts so much (which ironically makes it ideal for BDSM!) but it also means it needs to be balanced finely between abuse and fantasy.
Any Domme worth her salt will take her time to listen to a sub before they begin a session to find out what he has to use, what his limits are, and what he is looking to gain.

Fortunately, every single Dominatrix live on this site is a pro who will spend as long as it takes getting to know what you want to happen before she batters in and gets started. It is what separates these Dommes from the wannabes on other sites.

candle wax on cock, cock torture pictures

Dominant Females who enjoy Inflicting Pain to Slaves – Cbt Sessions, training, ideas

This site has an entire section dedicated to dominant females who specialize in femdom. they know almost every area of it and in particular, ball abuse.

No matter what your limits, from mild to extreme, these Mistresses have the capability to give you the session you crave. No matter how much or how little equipment or “props” you have at your disposal, they can fashion together a session that will incorporate most, if not all, of them.

Even if you think it is mundane or not possible, bring it anyway and tell her you to have it. These dominant women enjoy all types of pain and pleasure and they have hundreds of ideas and fantasy scenarios coupled with kink and taboo to make sure you know your place as a servant and slave

Kinky live UK phone sex – for all fantasy and kinky chats

cock and ball torture pictures, pegs on cock
Take shoelaces for example. Small, inanimate little pieces of string that seem innocuous but if used correctly by a cruel Mistress they can be very painful.

Tied around your cock and tied so tight it turns blue or wrapped around your balls and then ordered to yank it off hard. It will bring a tear to your eye!

Or toothpaste. Everyone has it but have you ever tried smearing it on your cock? It will cause a mild burning sensation which will be very uncomfortable for you.

We have every type of dominatrix waiting to begin your slave training sessions, dominant women, from all over the world our black dominatrix section is where we have some of the meanest women who enjoy every aspect of insulting and degrading inferior white men

Of course, these are just two examples. You can have a rope, wooden spoons, chili sauce, or anything else that can be used. It won’t matter to these dominas as they can take anything and use it against you.
Almost all of the dominas on this site offer a free chat option where you can talk to them without spending any credits and this allows you to outline your props and fantasies which means she can put together a session that you can both gain from. Those not into BDSM think the Domme does what she wants but the truth is, for all intents and purposes, the slave in a BDSM scenario actually decides what will happen, when, and how. Mistress phone chat here

ballbusting, squah they balls

Whether it is a roleplay fantasy scenario you have created or whether you just want a strong, powerful, and dominant woman to abuse your testicles, this is the only website you need. View BDSM cams live for kinkier – cbt

Nothing can prepare you for a session with one of these mean bitches online. They are ruthless when your session begins and no amount of begging, crying, pleading, and sobbing will alter them from their mission of causing you as much pain and giving them as much enjoyment as they can get from hearing you scream and grunt.

We have hundreds of new live BDSM chat sessions available night and day with many different types of kinksters waiting to have fun in training you

Join the site now and you will be able to have a live CBT webcam session in a little over 2 minutes with any one of hundreds of Mistresses. So what are you waiting for? Sign up, get on your knees, enter their private room, and pray they are in a good mood. Your journey of cock and ball torture begins here

Black dominatrix Chat

black dominatrix

Ebony Cams Live Femdom waiting to dominate you

If you are a submissive male who is in need of a firm hand from a no-nonsense, strict Dominatrix who will torment, humiliate, degrade and totally control you with zero flexibility to her demands and you should look no further than a black Domme.

Black women are naturally dominant and arrogant which makes them already perfectly suited to the world of femdom and of controlling already weak-minded and feeble male creatures such as yourself.

With their dark, cruel eyes, their firm face structure, their dark skin and their big lips that are always permanently straight, a black Domme is a picture of power and dominance and they will have you cowering before them. Check out my  femdom lines for more kinky domination training

ebony cams, black mistress


Click here for Black Dominatrix Chat Rooms

On this live femdom cam site, there are dozens of dark-skinned Dominatrixes who are all experienced and knowledgeable in almost every area of female domination and will be able to give you the session you want and the control you need.

Each and every female on here have the ability to partake in any area of femdom you want. Be it CBT, nipple torture, forced feminization, cuckolding, chastity, edge play, spitting, small penis humiliation, ass worship, leg worship and much, much more. Check out  black phone sex girls here

Nothing is off-limits and anything is possible when you are under the direction of a superior, black Dominatrix in a BDSM cams session.

There are a few areas of S & m where a dark-skinned Mistress has an advantage. The number one time being for ass worship. All chocolate women have large asses as a natural god-given asset and a dominant black will use it to her full advantage.

Find more black women online via

black dominatrix

There is a sight like no other to have one dressed in skin-tight PVC, latex or jeans and having her thrust her gigantic ghetto booty right up to the screen and order you to kiss it. With her clothing hugging every cm of her cheeks, she will make you worship her huge arse or she will pull them down to reveal her dark-skinned cheeks and have you plant kisses on them one at a time and tell her how much you love being her ass slave.

Or maybe she will have you on your back, straddle your head and then lower herself onto your face, covering it and plunging you into the darkness with her backside.

A true privilege for any submissive male and these acts are definitely better with a black woman. You can see just how kinky and ferocious our females are on the kinky, bondage and discipline chats section where we have hundreds of said evil bitches waiting to have their way with you and hurt you so that you never forget

Foot worship is a completely different experience with an ebony goddess. Their feet are naturally larger and with their dark tops and pinkish undertones, it will have you drooling at the prospect of worshipping, kissing and sucking them.
Another thing that is perfectly suited for chocolate dommes is verbal degradation.

Although a white Mistress is more than capable of no holds barred, brutal verbal beatdowns, with their deep voice and a vague hint of an accent a black femdom Mistress offers a different slant to it and gives a fresh addition to being verbally degraded. One of their biggest advantages, however, is when it comes to race.

ebony femdom pictures

Although a touchy subject littered with minefields in the real world, for femdom scenarios it is perfect if you are a white slave and want to be dominated by a black Mistress.

They will berate your pale skin, how weedy you are, how you are nothing but a maggot to them, that you are as worthless as the dirt on her boot heels and of course, that your white boi dicklet is much smaller than their real men black lovers.

If you have a little dick, then watch out as these women will eat you alive, they enjoy degrading grown men and turning them into frilly silly girls and mocking their little clitties in a small penis humiliation session

They are perfectly placed to use the cruellest, most severe verbal kicking you have ever experienced. Be warned though, these mean bitches online don’t hold back and will unleash a torrent of abuse like you have never experienced.

There are many areas in femdom that make a darker-skinned Mistress better and there are definitely far too many to list in one place but rest assured, any session with one of them will be one to remember.

There are dozens of live black Dominatrixes who are online right now and ready to deal with submissive white boys like you who know they belong at the feet of their superiors.

They know every part of BDSM and can give you what you need. Complete and utter control. No inch is given by these strict, cruel and unforgiving Dommes and they will make your life hell as they completely take over your life.

black dominatrix picture

As expert manipulators they will get inside your head and find out all of your weaknesses and fetishes then use them against you to manipulate you and give you a total head fuck. These are some of the cruellest Dominas you ever had the privilege and misfortune to be under the boot heel of.

With prices starting from as low as 33c per minute there really is no excuse to avoid being where you should be. On the floor, grovelling. Most Dominas also offer free chat where you can lay out the groundwork of what you want and what your limits are. She can then use them to fashion together a session that you will both gain from.
So what’s the delay? Join up now and be on your knees, ready to serve and suffer for your black dominatrix Mistress

Small Penis Humiliation Cams

small penis Humiliation

Small Dick Humiliation Cams

Small Penis Humiliation Webcams And Why You’ll Love It

Before we tell you why you’re going to love small penis humiliation so much, let’s start with some basic information. Small penis humiliation (also known as SPH) is a very popular sub-fetish among submissive males and their dominant women. SPH is exactly what it sounds like:

Your Mistress making fun of your teeny, tiny penis! Actual penis size is irrelevant in this form of mental torture, but it will be particularly fun for you if you do have a small or micropenis. Either way, you will never be big enough to please your Mistress, and boy will she let you know it!

small penis humiliation


Small Penis Humiliation Cams – Click Here

The reason small penis humiliation is so popular is that your Mistress will be attacking your manhood. Many men even refer to their penis as their “manhood.” Telling you how pathetic your penis it will hit you right where it hurts (no pun intended).

The real-world power that comes with simply having a penis will be turned on its head in this kinky little game. Insulting your penis insults you down to your core. Ready for  Phonesex to be laughed at and mocked?

Your Mistress will wound your ego, your pride, your very idea of your own masculinity (which is a large part of your self-esteem as a man). She will tear you down. You will be embarrassed and ashamed, just like she likes you.

While it may sound harsh at first, we’re sure you will love it! Before you decide small penis humiliation is not for you, read on to learn just how pleasurable it will be for you, and really think about how it would feel!

Check out the sph cams here

Small penis humiliation is most commonly just a form of verbal abuse, but can also be combined with physical punishment or jerk-off-instruction (JOI).

You know your Mistress would never lower her standards to be with the likes of you, but if she’s feeling generous she may tell you how to play with your tiny cock for her. She might also have you play with a dildo or strap-on of a decent size to further enforce the idea of what a real man’s penis should look like.

little penis humiliation
Small penis humiliation can also be a part of a cuckolding experience. Your Mistress may demand that you watch another man fuck her while she degrades you and makes fun of your tiny penis. You’ll feel truly inadequate in a situation like this which will make your Mistress extremely happy. And you want to please your Mistress, don’t you, slave?

She will love making you feel like a powerless little weakling. She will say all kinds of things to ridicule your penis and remind you how worthless you are. She’ll definitely tell you that you could never please a Goddess like herself. Likely, she’ll call you a virgin (and be amazed if you’re not). She’ll make fun of your size flaccid and erect. She’ll remind you that you are inferior to other men simply because your penis is so pathetically small. If you are ready to experience some of our kinky BDSM chat’s lives then be sure to follow the link above, but only if you agree to the below questions?

Check out our small Penis Pics for some of the pictures of our little dick losers. Are you listed in our gallery? Let us know to drop a comment below

How do you even jerk off?

With tweezers?

Your thumb and index finger?

What do you do if a woman actually hits on you and wants to take you home?

How do you break the news that your dick is tiny and useless?

How did you feel in high school when your friends were all bragging about their big dicks?

Do you change in the locker room at the gym? More sph cams here

little peni spictures, small penis, small peni shumiliation

What names have people called you due to your penis size?

Do you really think you could please a woman when you’re packing THAT?

Your Mistress will want to know the answers to these questions and much more! Being asked such things is humiliating enough, but answering them honestly will be even worse! You’ll have to admit all the embarrassing moments you’ve endured because of your tiny junk.

You’re going to love this reminder of what a loser slave you are. Seeing your penis will probably send your Mistress into a fit of laughter…or it may simply disgust her.

Small penis humiliation will make you feel embarrassed in a way you never have before and you will probably be more turned on than you ever thought you could be from verbal abuse alone, reaching a whole new level of ecstasy.

Penis size is such a sensitive topic for you pathetic men, and you place so much importance on it, you’ll experience complete and utter humiliation when your perfect Mistress points out all the flaws with your dick.\par

Little dick phone sex 

Remember to thank her for her honesty and for the privilege of having her pay any attention to you at all. And, as always, have fun you, dumb little slave!

tiny dick humiliation

Measuring that non-existent micropenis is always good for a laugh, when he actually finds it and tries to put the measuring tape around it, it usually just falls off.

This is what happens when you have a little micro dick that is non-existent and that no one is ever interested in. Let’s be real here what female in their right mind is going to entertain a little stump like this, I mean for god sake we can hardly even see it, never mind feel it inside of us.

No, this useless little cocktail sausage would be better served covered up in frilly ladies panties, tortured, trampled on, exposed, abused, laughed at, and degraded, like all the other little penis losers who need to be set up in their own little gallery for losers.

We also enjoy every aspect of sissy humiliation, where we enjoy degrading small dick jokes and dressing them up as little sissy girls to be exposed, videoed and pictures were taken of them. Are you a little bitch? do you have a clitty? Then get inside and begin your journey into humiliation online with Kinky Mistresses who enjoy every aspect of discipline, denial, and domination.

Our kinky femdom is waiting to tear you a new one, to use you for the little slut you are, to laugh at your joke of a micro dick, and to take pictures on their iPhones to send all over social media, blog about and show all of their friends.



Sissy Humiliation Cams

sissy humiliation

Sissy Humiliation Online Cams

If you and your domme are looking to take your humiliation play further, sissy humiliation is a great option. Sissy humiliation adds another level to your basic submissive role as a slave. It’s just what it sounds like. Your domme will make you feel not only inadequate but effeminate.

She will make you walk, talk and act like a girl.
Most Dommes will start out by dressing you up as a girl.

Usually, this starts out with a frilly dress, possibly pink. Then your Mistress might up the stakes and have you wear high heels for her. Can you imagine trying to walk around looking pretty for your Mistress in six-inch heels? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them.


Click here for Sissy Humiliation Cams

Next might be makeup. Lots of subs enjoy being instructed how to put on their makeup to look like a pretty little girl. Next comes the lingerie. This is even more humiliating as your body is more exposed and lingerie is the sexiest type of clothing a woman can wear. View our sissy cams here

You’re going to get super turned on by being a little sissy-girl for your magnificent Domme. She’ll have you painting your nails and wearing women’s underwear before you know it!

Even worse–she might make you go shopping for your clothes alone and force you to get a professional manicure and pedicure. You can reach out to some of our sissy girls on webcam or be trained by a mistress in the kinky chat rooms

She’ll have you prance around as she shames you for being so girly. She’ll be howling with laughter seeing you dressed up like a pretty little princess. If you’re lucky, you may even get a new, female name.

sissy humiliation

If you dare start whining, you will surely be punished. There are so many ways to punish you, but they get even more exciting when you’re a sissy, for example.

You may have to learn how to suck a dick for her! She might use a regular dildo or a strap-on and make you suck it like a good sissy. She’ll tell you how and punish you harshly if you’re doing it wrong.

Not want cams but looking for sissy phone sex?

They even make squirting dildos so you can enhance your experience and feel what it’s like to have cum in your mouth and throat. Just imagine your amazing Goddess forcing you to take a rubber cock in your mouth and down your throat, maybe even face fucking you!

She’ll laugh so hard when you gag on it. Putting you in this position will humiliate you to the extreme. We have hundreds of different fetish chat rooms with girls who love nothing more than verbally humiliating the sissy whores, from public humiliation to forced feminization and not forgetting cock sucking training classes.

sissy anal play

These squirting dildos have about 20 times the amount of liquid a man could release in one session, so they are perfect for hours of fun!
She may also punish you with a butt plug. Inserting something in your anus will remind you once again how helpless you are and how she completely owns you. Maybe she’ll find a pretty pink one for your sissy ass!

The feeling of having something inserted inside you will make you feel far less masculine and you’ll start really feeling like the sissy you are.

If she feels like a butt plug is not enough, she may want to peg you. Pegging is basically when your Mistress fucks you with her strap on. You’ll understand the feeling of getting fucked by someone better and stronger than you. There is nothing better to solidify your status as a sissy slave than being fucked by your Mistress as she wears an artificial cock. More Kinky Sissy cams here
Another common type of sissy play is to give you instructions and assignments, particularly about your cum.

cum eating sissy

You’re probably used to jerk off instructions and orgasm denial by now but there are some new things that come with being a sissy. You may be instructed to cum on your stomach or face. Mistress may demand that you eat your own cum or let it dry on yourself and force you to leave it there until she commands you to wash, you sissy cum-slut.

Feminisation and 10 steps to start the sissy fetish.

Ten steps for how you can get started with this fetish before we begin let’s clear up a few definitions

Just so it doesn’t meet confusion later down the track now there is a clear difference between a sissy a transgender or transexual keep in mind that a sissy is a man who has chosen to be effeminate feeble and pretty much fetishize the idea throwing away their masculinity.

Feminization itself is the act of changing behaviours appearances from man to woman,  transgender this is where one identifies as the opposite sex to which they have been born as an example someone may have the physical characteristics of a man but they identify as a woman.

Transsexual takes it a step further and that involves this person surgically changing their sex now to go a bit deeper for a moment when it comes to sex and gender the sex is the physical characteristic.

Gender is a cultural construct of what we identify with both transsexual and transgender people identify with the opposite gender not out of choice but an innate characteristic they hold whether it was from birth or revealed later in life a sissy, however, enters the situation out of choice in fact as officious.

No that is cleared up let’s focus on sissified action to be exact a man who has been compelled to submit and act effeminate now I didn’t mention that it is by choice although there is this element of fantasy when it comes to forced feminization this can involve changing clothing mannerisms even postures sisyphic action differs from straight cross-dressing as it’s often coupled with submission and even humiliation.

 The Thrill For Sissy Being made to submit

There is this thrill there are results from the men being forced to submit his masculinity and then have it destroyed right in front of him involves a different mindset a different identity adopted at the time this man decides to enter the sissy role.

As the sissy this person will perform acts that as a man he never would, this man will orally be pleasing another man or even engaging in anal sex keep in mind that out of this character the person who has chosen to be a sissy identifies as straight in this destruction of masculinity and humiliation this is the element of freedom.

Now being a sissy can be quite fun and something unique to try out you might find that you try it once and it’s not your thing then again you might decide that you would love to go further with this fetish well if you do I’ve got 10 tips for you when it comes to getting started so listen up.


Number one know your size now as a sissy you want to get your hands on some feminine clothing whether you choose to buy it publicly at a department store all you want to stick to the anonymity of the internet but you’ll need to know exactly what size you are now that involves getting your hands on a measuring tape to find out.

Your size at your hip waist at the narrowest point chest and shoulders you might also want to take your height for you know those stockings that you’ll be getting as well number two panties okay now that you have your size it’s easy to order underwear online by following the size guide get yourself a pair of panties that it’s made of a nice soft material

Part of the whole feminization process is enjoying different textures now this one will definitely be a thrill fear number three stockings okay in keeping with texture stockings should be the next part of your sisyphic action wardrobe now they do have an amazing texture that can be used as quite a nice tease if used correctly.


I think you know exactly what I mean use the measurements that you initially took to determine whether you need to get extra long stockings or medium-sized ones.


Number four the lingerie set in your kinky submissive City state you’ll probably want to dive right into that full lingerie set including suspenders keep in mind however that this clothing can be quite restrictive so get comfortable with the basics before venturing out to the rest of the clothing and just have a feel for when you prefer a looser fit or a tighter fit


Number five makeup now here is a fantastic way to feel sensual and

sissified why not start out with lip balm I’m referring to that medicated clear stuff that you’ll find at any pharmacy you can even wear this when you’re not engaging any play it’s great for your skin you get used to the application and the texture and it also gets you in the mood for the fun of course in wearing lip balm all the time this is a nice kinky reminder of your submissive sissie side.


Number six getting into colours now learning how to apply makeup is a process in itself sometimes it can kill the desire keep it simple and if you want something with a bit of flair to start off with lipstick that takes your lip balm venture a step further and then you can gradually learn how to do the rest.

I shower eyeliner even better if you have somebody else apply that makeup it’s a fantastic way to bond and feel a little submissive at the same time number seven shifting your mindset and creating the character now it’s time to pick your sissy name and while you’re at it identify behaviours that you consider particularly effeminate and why not try to model them begin to


enjoy the look and feel of the clothing if you have that makeup on enjoying the sensation of that on your skin and start to allow yourself to open up and get into that sissy character number eight kinky toys if you’re looking to engage.

In sexual acts a truly place you in that submissive city-state purchase high-quality toys that are designed to go in certain places now keep in mind that doing something new will require training for your body and let’s make that introduction gradual keep everything within your physical limits and make sure you clean each toy properly after use that’s very important.


Number nine -the play partner finding a nice respectable compatible play partner adds to the appeal with all the information we have accessible why not start online there are numerous erotic stories there’s plenty of viewing material and you can even find someone who can have a little fun with you now before you decide to take this one step further and get into a real-life interaction.


Just make sure that you’re mentally emotionally and physically ready for it all this is a vacation can be fun but sometimes the physical act with another can be a little bit too much for some of us and that gets into my last point.


Number 10 limits and the nature of consent is part of the appeal for some this idea of forced or compelled sissification there are others who love to role play with the idea of exposure and blackmail whatever your kinks and your limits are define them from the very beginning and always make sure you keep them in check.


Sissification and sissy humiliation are one of those fetishes you can dabble in at a very superficial level or you can delve in completely when you’re in that persona and enjoy it to its full set of submissiveness


My 10 tips for getting into sissy action it’s one of those fetishes you can dabble in at a very superficial level all you can delve right in and lose yourself to it completely have a little fun with this one no matter how you choose to play keep it consensual keep it fun and most importantly keep it safe.

The Sissy Rules

This is always top of my list as a Mistress, ensuring my naughty girl has a note of all of my rules and a contract to sign to state she will at all times obey to every one of my rules or face some sort of punishment. You will sign the slave contract and pay your fee to serve your Mistress, memorising all of the rules as you will be tested at our sissy training school.

We will be making a separate page on this as there are just too many rules to list here so do watch out for our page dedicated purely to sissy rules and contracts. Below we have listed just a few to let you see what we have in store for all of our little bitches.

  • Don’t think of begging on your knees as degrading…
  • To wear female attire at all times
  • To ensure perfection with cock sucking techniques
  • To always Obey Mistress
  • To sign a sissy contract
  • To be in chastity if Mistress decides
  • Learn to curtsey
  • You will always pee sitting down.
  • A Journal/diary of all of your thoughts and desires
  • Hairless body
  • NO CLITTY touching unless permission was granted.
  • Plenty of foot worship for Mistress

These are just some of the rules but watch out for our page that is dedicated to the sissy rules 101



Fetish Girls Webcam

 Fetish girls Webcam Live Fetish Chat With Kinky Cam Girls

If you have a fetish and you want it satisfied in an environment where it is for your pleasure and yours alone then you are in the right place. Enter this live fetish webcam site for access to hundreds of women who are online for the sole purpose of doing whatever you want.

Your pleasure and needs are all they are interested in, no matter what it may be.
Hundreds of women at your disposal, ready willing, and more than able to satisfy your itch, fulfill your fantasy, and give you whatever fetish needs you may have.

Whatever it is that gets you hard, turns you on, and gets your blood all rushing to the one place, this is the website that can and will give you everything you could ever want, need, and much much more.

No matter what your fetish may be, all the women on this site have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to give you exactly what you have in mind. Are you ready for some  dominant phone sex With Kinky Mistress V?

Sure there are millions of pictures online and tube sites that are jammed full of videos that all feature your kink but they are all generic and only focus on the whole thing in general. Anyone with a powerful fetish knows there is a specific part that turns you on more than the rest.

So while tube videos may feature it for a few seconds, with a live fetish webcam you can tell the host which part it is you like best. She will then work the entire show around that to make sure you get exactly what you want and like.


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The Free Fetish Chat Rooms offer many kinky cams

What’s more, almost every girl on here offers a free chat so that you can talk to her and tell her the specifics before you enter the paid private area. This allows you to be as specific as possible without having to hurry it along because you are burning credits then not getting what you had hoped for. It’s a great feature of the site.

live fetish phone sex

Got an ass fetish? Watch as she shakes it for you, rubs her hands over it, and slaps it playfully. Like them covered in clothing? Not a problem as she wears tight skirts, tight trousers or panties and wiggles her cheeks for you.

Like boobs? They will dangle their tits up close to the cam and give you an uninterrupted view of their boobs. Pouring oil or lotion on them to get them slidey, wet, and slippery before they shove them right in your face. Rubbing them, groping them, wearing tight tops to give them pop and big deep cleavage.

fetish cams,

Maybe it’s a foot fetish you have. If so, then these babes are experts in the art. Rubbing and stroking their delicious feet, pouring cream on them and dangling their delightful toes, and wiggling them. Perfectly painted toenails, toe rings, and maybe a cute little tattoo to wave in front of the camera as you jerk your stiffy watching every second of it.
Is it legs you like?

Long, shapely, and toned. Perfect pins that go on for miles. All the women on this site have gorgeous legs that they can show off for you. Check out our kinky BDSM cams for more horny sadistic females who enjoy using their bodies to get what they want from you

Fetish girl cams with smoking, CBT, Sph, CEI, and naked foot sex

Or perhaps tattoos are your thing? Lots of the girls online have tatt’s and if you have a fetish for girls with tattoos then these gals sport everything from a tiny butterfly to a tramp stamp to a full arm sleeve and bodies covered in ink. They all love to show off their body art and watching you get turned on and wanking off to them is what they live for.

If you are more adventurous and like being dominated then there are plenty of Mistresses online who would love to get their hands on you to tease, torture, and torment you in a BDSM cams session. All areas of S&M are here from CBT, sph, nipple torture, chastity keyholding, spanking, and much more.

findom, moneyslaves

These are just a few examples but as everyone knows, there is a fetish for absolutely everything in the world. No matter what it is, someone somewhere gets turned on by it.

That’s the beauty of a live cam sex session. Whatever it is that gets you off, it can be added into the session no matter how bizarre it may be. Anything goes on live cams so honesty is the best policy. It matters not what it is that gets you going.

These babes have heard it and seen it all before. This also means they can add in other things you will like and some things they think you might like to try. The important thing though, is that this is YOUR session and whatever you want, it will be done. Get ready to have the best cam to cam sex chats with fetish girls who enjoy the darker, dirtier side of life

Check out the Mistress chat line for more kink

sexy nail fetishes
Literally, hundreds of women await you only a few mouse clicks away and each one is more beautiful than the last. There are blonds, brunettes, redheads, BBWs, Teens, Milfs, Black, Asian, White, every combination. Your dream girl is on here and she has whatever you want to make your fetish dreams become a reality.

smoking fetish girls

mean mistress


No matter what kinky desire or fantasy you may have you can be assured one of our fetish girls will be ready and willing to act it out for you. From sexy roleplays naughty nurse, strict headmistress, or naughty schoolgirl to face slapping, watersports, cum eating instructions, giantess, and blowing balloons to the downright unusual, bizarre, and weird types of fetishes, you can be guaranteed to find what you need right here on our kinksters BDSM chat website.


So what Kinds of Fetishes are often requested online or in general?

Below is a list of some of the more popular fetishes to some of the weird, bizarre, and weird. These sexual fetishes are always popular requests in any cam girl or guys room, the fetish world is full of lovers of the darker side of life who enjoy exploring and testing out new sexual fantasies.

  • Foot Fetishes a very popular one from footjobs, to toe sucking and crushing
  • Smoking  watching a sexy girl, guy, transgender smoking
  • Balloon blowing and popping 
  • Giantess little man syndrome
  • Small Penis Humiliation – Laughing at useless losers with little dicks
  • Nails and hands – Long/short nails or pretty hands can be a huge turn-on for some people
  • Diapers – Some people enjoy wearing adult diapers
  • Impact play – using tools from around the house to hit the body
  • Sexy Nylons, stockings, and pantyhose
  • High heels, boots, platforms, and trainers
  • Socks either long or short – Very popular fetish
  • Erotic Fantasy Roleplay
  • Erotic Spanking
  • Showing off or teasing body parts, ie ass, cleavage, hairy pussy, big clits, big pussy lips, etc
  • Hairy Females – some guys like a woman au natural
  • Fetish clothing ie leather, latex, PVC, and Silk
  • Lipstick, tongue, and belly button – body parts I have even been requested to show my fillings
  • Spitting, burping, and farting 
  • Panties, shorts, leotards, and swimming costumes
  • Tickling
  • Sissy Humiliation

These are just a few of the more popular requests I have had over the 20 odd years on webcam, the list is much longer than this as anything can be seen as a fetish if it is something that gets you off and turns you on more than anything else.




One of the best things about the internet, if you are a submissive male, is the ability to have all your femdom fantasies fulfilled whenever you want.

There are no shortage of videos and pictures to cover any and all types of fantasy involving powerful women and superior females. Whatever your dreams of submission might be, it is guaranteed that there is something on the internet that “scratches the itch”.

bdsm fetish cams


Click here for Bdsm chat rooms – Mistress Cams


This is all well and good up to a certain point but there really is no substitute for a live 1 to 1 session with a real-life dominant female who you can talk to for hours on end about your fantasies and desires and how you can serve the superior sex and how to be a better slave. This is where the BDSM cams come in handy for novices as well as seasoned players to the scene.

You can find literally dozens of dominant women who all love to sit and talk to slaves and subs about all the things that are involved in BDSM and female domination. For inexperienced guys, it is a great way to explore the vast world of S and M. They can tell a live dominatrix what they like and what interests them and she, in turn, can suggest new things that can be tried and which interest you.

There is always something that you have not heard of and for the most part, an experienced Domme will give you new things to try that you will like.

Even if it is something you have stumbled across and cannot fathom out what it involves and what the attraction is, the online Mistress will be more than able to explain it to you and tell you what is needed and what the idea behind it is. For example, lots of people can not understand the attraction of financial domination and cannot get their head around why someone would get off on being left penniless.

A professional findom Mistress though can tell you that a pay pig gets off on knowing she is spending his money while he is left with none and has to work harder to earn more money.

This is just one example of many though.

We have every type of BDSM Training- Ideas, Guidelines

Anything you are unsure of as an inexperienced sub and are unclear about how to act and behave, you need not worry.

All the dominatrix’s online will be more than keen to alleviate your concerns and put you at ease about any misgivings you may have. All of our live BDSM cams have high definition cameras as well as audio or phone chat You can also check out our live cam2cam shows if you can show your webcam then be sure to let the Mistress Know this before your cam show begins

For experienced submissive males, live BDSM chat is also great for you because you can have access to women who are as experienced as you are and can spend time talking about what you like and what turns you on. Lots of guys do not necessarily want to do any physical domination stuff but instead want to just talk about it, for example, the use of chastity and femdom keyholding.

For lots of guys, being locked in chastity and not allowed to orgasm for months at a time is a great thought and their main fantasy but they could not handle the actual reality of it. They get off on the thought and the fantasy but need to cum as it turns them on so much.

It is for things like this that BDSM cams are at its best because the Dommes can sit and talk to you and tell all about how they would lock your cock up and tease you to the brink of tears and how she will deny you an orgasm or allow you to cum. It is a great fantasy but at the end of it, you can still relive your self. Being able to talk about it is just as good, if not better than, acting it out for real.

View our fetish cams here for all things kinky – Top places for BDSM chat

There are dozens of live superior females and mean bitches online who are available right now to chat to you about BDSM so log on and talk to them about everything you like and all that turns you on.

bdsm mistress


Cock and Ball Torture – pain using different household items  – elastic bands, toothpaste, pegs, cotton buds, wooden spoon, chilli sauce, string, laces and many more

Tease And Denial – Cam Host teases you and watches you wank but does not let you reach an orgasm

Strapon Training – Anal play, ass invasion, butt plugs, ass stretching


Sissy Humiliation – Abusing sissies verbally, dressing them and  doing main BDSM on them, sissy assignments, sissie maids, cock sucking sissies, forced feminization

Slave Contracts – signing a contract to become Mistresses Property – following the rules

Blackmail Fantasy _ You will have to give personal details or team viewer or logins for social media or she will release your information, she may add you to her blogs and websites.

Live Fetishes – Smoking, foot fetish, high heels, latex, giantess, long nails, PVC, spit, slapping whatever your fetish maybe

Cuckold Humiliation – Are you a cuck? Does your wife have sex with other men real men does she make you suck him off to get him hard? does she make you lick hi scum from her pussy? Come in and talk to Mistress about it, or better still become her cuck.

Spanking – Caning, over the knee, discipline, using hands, belts, canes, floggers, paddles

Nipple Torture – using pegs, clamps twisting them

Edgeplay – Made to wank right to the point of orgasm and when you get close to cumming your hand comes off, you can do this for as long as you want This is all about hand domination by kinky sadistic girls

Chastity Control – Locking cock up in a cage and becoming the key holder, You the slave can not wank – you may get a chastity contract for this.

Financial Domination – Pay pigs give money to Mistress, known as money slaves, human Atm, wallet rape. They must work for their Goddess and pay all of her bills she will financially ruin him


We are cruel Mistresses I am Mistress Zena From USA and I am a lifestyle Dominatrix. I am always looking for new weak slaves to add to my stable of losers.

I work on webcam and do real live sessions every day from My dungeon. If you are ready to submit to  me or my Mistress friends then enter into our live free chat rooms and begin the journey into online bondage and discipline, tease and denial or BDSM slave training come now and watch BDSM cams live

bdsm strapon

Live BDSM cams with cruel mean females who take pleasure from watching you suffer. This is domination and humiliation 101 where you have no say and must do as you are directed by your superior Mistress in a live cam show. You can also learn more about our masturbation chat rooms here