Dom and Sub – What happens in a domination session?

BDSM Training – What Is Domination?

I wanted to talk today about a question that comes up all the time when people start finding out that I’m a dominatrix.

So what is a dominatrix?

what does the dominatrix do?

What are the sessions?

what can you expect from sessions?

What type of sessions are there?

it’s just a barrage of questions one after the other so I wanted to write about this.

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So first there are a few different types of sessions, first is a domination session and domination session is your traditional session where you’re going to be interacting with me on a physical level, secondly, we have a coaching session which is where I teach you or a group of your friends or a couple ie you and your partner how to do domination how to do BDSM and all these kinky fun things.

The third type of session is a Skype session now Skype sessions can be a training sessions so it can be long-distance training where I’m teaching you to do kinky things and you can be playing with yourself on the other side so it’s like having a cam session or you can have a Skype therapy session like coaching to talk about your fetishes if you’re not in the fetish scene you might not have the ability to discuss the things that you like and wonder if you are ready to submit?  Phone sex Humiliation is what you need

 Fetish Cams?

Am I a pervert?

Am I a freak?

All these issues can be really damaging and stressful for your psychology so we can have a Skype cam girl session which is a little bit like a therapy session I do have a psychology degree so if I feel like something is too intense that you do need to get further help I can send you to somebody else.

I’m not gonna be your therapist but I can at least know whether something is too serious so that said in this article I’m going to start talking about just the domination sessions I’m going to focus on the whole domination side.

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So basically a domination session it depends on what your fetishes are basically, firstly, you know everyone has different fetishes and depending on what you tell me are your fetish interests then we’re going to create the session according to that.

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What do I do Before I book A BDSM Session?

So the first thing I do before we book a session is to discuss what sort of things you’re into we negotiate the different fetishes and most people will say “I don’t even know what I like can you tell me”. See more BDSM Cams Sex here

My website has a lot of different fetishes I’ve written down all the fetishes that I like mind you I am not perfect so I might not have done your fetish yet even though I’ve done domination for 20 years maybe I haven’t done your fetish. you can see my page for fetish here –

Fetish – Kinky Bdsm Chat With Kinksters – Fetish Sex, Taboos

I just discovered one recently six months ago that I have never done before so surprise surprise there might be some of you out there with things that I haven’t done so don’t be shy if it’s not on my website doesn’t mean that I don’t do it but it just means that maybe I haven’t tried or that I don’t do it very often so feel free to ask.

So go to my website which is linked already on this post and you can find out what fetishes I offer. I also have a blog too.

Other great BDSM resources for fetish chats are sites like –

mistress bdsm

Fetish cam chats | Live BDSM Cams

So what do we get out of fetishes? normally what does somebody get out of foot fetish for example or golden showers or what is horny about it? what excites people about it?

So what is it about the fetish that is interesting so in our blog we will be discussing many different ideas, so you can check that out and see some of the things that we can do that are offered?

How do we do Bondage?

I will tell you now how we do some bondage which is to tie you up with ropes or using shackles bondage restraints, leather bondage restraints these sort of things to keep you restrained when you are restrained and you can’t move you get the sense of like oh my god this is against my will but obviously we have discussed all these things beforehand so it’s always in with full consents but you can have this. I can I want to I don’t want to game going on so bondage is that it allows you to really surrender into that space and to relax into that space.

For some people, bondage is almost like having your seatbelt in the car you feel safe when you’re tied in so there’s a lot of psychological things that go into bondage.

I could talk about bondage for like an entire article as there is so much about it but there’s bondage discipline as well, discipline normally people go oh I don’t like any pain that’s okay because pain is a huge range.

I studied pain for three years in my neuroscience degree so I really urge you to try it because most people they come and have a spanking they think they’re gonna be freaking out that it’s gonna be too painful and then you’re like wow I didn’t realize I could take that.

Much because it is all about how erotic it is feeling at the moment so we can do things like spanking using different types of whips floggers paddles crops all these different implements to create an intense sensation. More at our Mistress Phone chat  here

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Is Domination painful?

I call it doesn’t necessarily have to be painful for some people it’s painful but for other people, it’s just intense it’s just intensity we also have other things that might have a few scary names like cock and ball torture or nipple torture you think of torture as something that they did in the Spanish Inquisition, well you know this is just a name all right, so it’s cock and ball playing and nipple play.

So I might squeeze their nipples I may squeeze your balls tie your balls together and just kind of play with it or frustrate it you know and this edge of pain pleasure and explore different sensations, sometimes also using different textures of implements like scratchy gloves the vampire gloves – my favorite I love vampire gloves and other types of soft, hard or sharp instruments.

You know sting is so a different sensation especially on the nipples and on the balls and cock and balls tends to be very arousing for people yes we also like to do it I also like to do upper body worship which is in a way something that you like some people have a fetish for.

Foot Fetish is so Popular

Feet they love feet they want to kiss the feet or lick the feet or the whole foot into their mouths and things like this so there’s the sense of the worship of the body so some people have leg fetish or foot fetish or boot fetish and I’m just gonna show you what people love.

To worship the body and I try to keep myself in shape I work out quite a bit to stay in the shape so that I can be worshipped as a goddess.

Other things that we can include role-play and humiliation so again all these different games are all part of domination so doesn’t mean that if you like one thing doesn’t mean you have to do everything yeah you just look at the different things and go oh hang on I might like this or this.

This sounds horny I’m like I’m not so sure about this then we don’t have to use it you know it’s more I see the list of fetishes as a smorgasbord like oh you can eat buffet you can have as much or as little as you like from this list so when I asked you to give me your list, give me your fetish interests it’s because then I can create this feast from the things that you like.

You can also check out our section where we do cam to cam with submissives – cam to cam sex |littledeathray

No, I am Not Topping from the bottom

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna include everything that you asked I might tease you with it and keep it for the next session or something like that just to that you know they want to get it all this first session but if you know some people wander in the submissive space they feel like oh but if I ask for it then I’m not being submissive, then I’m topping from the bottom and things like this.

So it’s okay I’m asking so we can negotiate and I will still make the ultimate decision you know the final decision of the mistress of what we are going to do in the session and how we’re going to do it in the session, yes so, for now, this is a domination session basically this is what we do normally last between an hour and a half and three hours my most common session is two hours, it is usually what I recommend for beginners.

Because you know it takes a little while for you to get into the zone you know into this feeling of surrender if you just do one hour, you blink and is finished and then it’s just a bit of a waste of money and time really because you would have got much better more value for your time and your money if you had done a two-hour session. Check out our BDSM punishments page for more ideas

So I recommend that as a start as a beginner so if you have any more questions about domination or about fetish just put it on the comments or you can send me an email as well because I love to educate people about kink about fetish about Tantra I haven’t spoken about Tantra today but I also love to talk about that to share and expand the knowledge with people so you can play together you can come to me and we can just have sessions the two of us that’s fine, or if you come as a couple we can also do it together and I can teach you how to play so you can play together at home.

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