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Jack In Chat – Masturbation & Jerk off Instructions

Like all males, you’ve been jerking off since your first hard-on. You developed a technique and ran with it. Now it’s your only going to move. What if, however, there was a place where you could learn new techniques?

Or just chat about masturbation without it feeling dirty or something to be ashamed of? Well, there is and it can be found right here. It is an online webcam chat site that has access to hundreds of women of all ages and sizes who love Jackin chat and masturbation chat with horny guys not afraid to admit they slap the salami on a regular basis.

jack off instuctions


These Females Are Experienced and waiting to push boundaries

All the females on this site are experienced and know to give you an awesome wank chat session. They all have expert hand job techniques and know more ways to wank a cock than you’ve had hot dinners.

They can show you different strokes, twisting ways, how to alternate each stroke, changing hands, different things you can use, and other ways to jerk off. Check out the  domination phonesex UK here

Rather than just lie on your back or sit at your computer and pump your fist up and down, you can discover new and exciting ways to jack it.

No matter what your dream woman looks like, she can be found on this site. Whether you like blondes, brunettes, redheads, BBWs, mature babes, teens, white, black, or Asian, you name it, this site has it.

Take your pick from the hundreds available, and you can sit and chat with her about wanking to your heart’s content. These females are unashamed, have zero inhibitions, and have no qualms talking about self-sex with Pamela and her five sisters. View the UK Phonesex for masturbation instructions – Check out the Uk chat kinky phone sections

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It is a sad fact of life that masturbation chat and play has been decreed as the work of perverts and weirdos but those with an open mind are no different. They know that it is a perfectly natural act and that everyone does it.

Since the teenage years, males and females have been taking themselves in hand and showing themselves a good time so why not discuss your own habits with a like-minded female? There is no shortage of open-minded women on this site, each one is ready and able to talk wank chat with you.

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Women Like to Masturbate and Jerk to

As well as talking about your own wanky habits, these unabashed women are also keen to talk about their own. They are humans too and love rubbing their buttons and flicking their clit when they are horny and fancy some quick relief so you can both sit and discuss your habits and how you each do it.

You can discuss what you like to look at porn-wise. Do you have a leather fetish? Spanking fetish? A love of legs or tits? Does a shaved or hairy pussy do it for you? Mistress Chat Line

The girl can also tell you what she likes and how turned on she gets as she stares at her favourite images or watches her fave videos. You can both go back and forth 1 on one and have a good long talk, free from the shackles of vanilla disapproval. Make sure to check out  the JOI phone sex Mistress here


Perhaps add Sex Toys And Props to your Jerk Off and Jacknchat sessions

Have you tried adding toys or props in your wanking session? I bet you haven’t but the women online here will be able to give you ideas about what you can use.

Things like rubbing ice cubes gently on your tip as you are super excited, putting clothes pegs on your nipples or rubbing them, stroking your balls as you masturbate, or if you are feeling super adventurous you can use dildos to put up your ass to give an even better feel and added excitement.

Of course, the other way a session can go is for this expert cock handler to tell you exactly how she would give you one of her no doubt amazing handjobs.

In great detail, she will be able to inform you of how she would grab your cock and tease it till it went stiff then wrap her hand around your shaft and stroke it. Pouring oil or cream over it to get it wet and slippery before she jerks you off, twisting her hand on each stroke to move your skin and going fast then slow then faster again. View the jack in chat rooms here

jerk off instructions

She might tell you how she would kiss you or lick your nipples as she jerks you off and of the added toys she would utilize as she wanks you faster and faster. Rubbing, licking, nibbling, or stroking your balls as she tugs your rock-hard shaft till you shoot your thick load all over her tits or face before giving you a big beauty queen smile with it covering her gorgeous face.

Alternatively, you can tell her how you would rub her clit, wetting your fingers as you slide 2 to 3 fingers inside her and rub her button until she has a leg quivering, screaming orgasm.

Don’t be surprised if she slips a hand between her legs and starts to get herself off while she is listening to you either! You can every type of scenario on our site which is full of different Slave Training online chat 

This is the beauty of using a live cam sex site. It can be anything you want it to be. About you, about her, different ways or of how she would do you or how you would do her. There are no limits except for your own imagination and anything goes with these girls.

So stop thinking you are alone and get your hand off your cock and join in on the whole hand domination experience. Join this site now and you can be enjoying a Jackin chat session with a gorgeous female in a little over 2 minutes.

It is free to join and has a fantastic free chat option as well as 25 free credits to get you started and whet your appetite.
Girls who love to talk about masturbation await you inside. Don’t keep them waiting or they may start without you!

We have every type of masturbation and jerk-off instruction on our site from girls who thrive on small penis humiliation to bratty teasing girls who love ruined orgasm and owning your cum relief, to cum eating instruction females and so much more, just test out our site for many different types of live sessions and be ready to fulfil your fantasy online right away.

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