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Sissy Humiliation Online Cams

If you and your domme are looking to take your humiliation play further, sissy humiliation is a great option. Sissy humiliation adds another level to your basic submissive role as a slave. It’s just what it sounds like. Your domme will make you feel not only inadequate but effeminate.

She will make you walk, talk and act like a girl.
Most Dommes will start out by dressing you up as a girl.

Usually, this starts out with a frilly dress, possibly pink. Then your Mistress might up the stakes and have you wear high heels for her. Can you imagine trying to walk around looking pretty for your Mistress in six-inch heels? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them.


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Next might be makeup. Lots of subs enjoy being instructed how to put on their makeup to look like a pretty little girl. Next comes the lingerie. This is even more humiliating as your body is more exposed and lingerie is the sexiest type of clothing a woman can wear. View our sissy cams here

You’re going to get super turned on by being a little sissy-girl for your magnificent Domme. She’ll have you painting your nails and wearing women’s underwear before you know it!

Even worse–she might make you go shopping for your clothes alone and force you to get a professional manicure and pedicure. You can reach out to some of our sissy girls on webcam or be trained by a mistress in the kinky chat rooms

She’ll have you prance around as she shames you for being so girly. She’ll be howling with laughter seeing you dressed up like a pretty little princess. If you’re lucky, you may even get a new, female name.

sissy humiliation

If you dare start whining, you will surely be punished. There are so many ways to punish you, but they get even more exciting when you’re a sissy, for example.

You may have to learn how to suck a dick for her! She might use a regular dildo or a strap-on and make you suck it like a good sissy. She’ll tell you how and punish you harshly if you’re doing it wrong.

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They even make squirting dildos so you can enhance your experience and feel what it’s like to have cum in your mouth and throat. Just imagine your amazing Goddess forcing you to take a rubber cock in your mouth and down your throat, maybe even face fucking you!

She’ll laugh so hard when you gag on it. Putting you in this position will humiliate you to the extreme. We have hundreds of different fetish chat rooms with girls who love nothing more than verbally humiliating the sissy whores, from public humiliation to forced feminization and not forgetting cock sucking training classes.

sissy anal play

These squirting dildos have about 20 times the amount of liquid a man could release in one session, so they are perfect for hours of fun!
She may also punish you with a butt plug. Inserting something in your anus will remind you once again how helpless you are and how she completely owns you. Maybe she’ll find a pretty pink one for your sissy ass!

The feeling of having something inserted inside you will make you feel far less masculine and you’ll start really feeling like the sissy you are.

If she feels like a butt plug is not enough, she may want to peg you. Pegging is basically when your Mistress fucks you with her strap on. You’ll understand the feeling of getting fucked by someone better and stronger than you. There is nothing better to solidify your status as a sissy slave than being fucked by your Mistress as she wears an artificial cock. More Kinky Sissy cams here
Another common type of sissy play is to give you instructions and assignments, particularly about your cum.

cum eating sissy

You’re probably used to jerk off instructions and orgasm denial by now but there are some new things that come with being a sissy. You may be instructed to cum on your stomach or face. Mistress may demand that you eat your own cum or let it dry on yourself and force you to leave it there until she commands you to wash, you sissy cum-slut.

Feminisation and 10 steps to start the sissy fetish.

Ten steps for how you can get started with this fetish before we begin let’s clear up a few definitions

Just so it doesn’t meet confusion later down the track now there is a clear difference between a sissy a transgender or transexual keep in mind that a sissy is a man who has chosen to be effeminate feeble and pretty much fetishize the idea throwing away their masculinity.

Feminization itself is the act of changing behaviours appearances from man to woman,  transgender this is where one identifies as the opposite sex to which they have been born as an example someone may have the physical characteristics of a man but they identify as a woman.

Transsexual takes it a step further and that involves this person surgically changing their sex now to go a bit deeper for a moment when it comes to sex and gender the sex is the physical characteristic.

Gender is a cultural construct of what we identify with both transsexual and transgender people identify with the opposite gender not out of choice but an innate characteristic they hold whether it was from birth or revealed later in life a sissy, however, enters the situation out of choice in fact as officious.

No that is cleared up let’s focus on sissified action to be exact a man who has been compelled to submit and act effeminate now I didn’t mention that it is by choice although there is this element of fantasy when it comes to forced feminization this can involve changing clothing mannerisms even postures sisyphic action differs from straight cross-dressing as it’s often coupled with submission and even humiliation.

 The Thrill For Sissy Being made to submit

There is this thrill there are results from the men being forced to submit his masculinity and then have it destroyed right in front of him involves a different mindset a different identity adopted at the time this man decides to enter the sissy role.

As the sissy this person will perform acts that as a man he never would, this man will orally be pleasing another man or even engaging in anal sex keep in mind that out of this character the person who has chosen to be a sissy identifies as straight in this destruction of masculinity and humiliation this is the element of freedom.

Now being a sissy can be quite fun and something unique to try out you might find that you try it once and it’s not your thing then again you might decide that you would love to go further with this fetish well if you do I’ve got 10 tips for you when it comes to getting started so listen up.


Number one know your size now as a sissy you want to get your hands on some feminine clothing whether you choose to buy it publicly at a department store all you want to stick to the anonymity of the internet but you’ll need to know exactly what size you are now that involves getting your hands on a measuring tape to find out.

Your size at your hip waist at the narrowest point chest and shoulders you might also want to take your height for you know those stockings that you’ll be getting as well number two panties okay now that you have your size it’s easy to order underwear online by following the size guide get yourself a pair of panties that it’s made of a nice soft material

Part of the whole feminization process is enjoying different textures now this one will definitely be a thrill fear number three stockings okay in keeping with texture stockings should be the next part of your sisyphic action wardrobe now they do have an amazing texture that can be used as quite a nice tease if used correctly.


I think you know exactly what I mean use the measurements that you initially took to determine whether you need to get extra long stockings or medium-sized ones.


Number four the lingerie set in your kinky submissive City state you’ll probably want to dive right into that full lingerie set including suspenders keep in mind however that this clothing can be quite restrictive so get comfortable with the basics before venturing out to the rest of the clothing and just have a feel for when you prefer a looser fit or a tighter fit


Number five makeup now here is a fantastic way to feel sensual and

sissified why not start out with lip balm I’m referring to that medicated clear stuff that you’ll find at any pharmacy you can even wear this when you’re not engaging any play it’s great for your skin you get used to the application and the texture and it also gets you in the mood for the fun of course in wearing lip balm all the time this is a nice kinky reminder of your submissive sissie side.


Number six getting into colours now learning how to apply makeup is a process in itself sometimes it can kill the desire keep it simple and if you want something with a bit of flair to start off with lipstick that takes your lip balm venture a step further and then you can gradually learn how to do the rest.

I shower eyeliner even better if you have somebody else apply that makeup it’s a fantastic way to bond and feel a little submissive at the same time number seven shifting your mindset and creating the character now it’s time to pick your sissy name and while you’re at it identify behaviours that you consider particularly effeminate and why not try to model them begin to


enjoy the look and feel of the clothing if you have that makeup on enjoying the sensation of that on your skin and start to allow yourself to open up and get into that sissy character number eight kinky toys if you’re looking to engage.

In sexual acts a truly place you in that submissive city-state purchase high-quality toys that are designed to go in certain places now keep in mind that doing something new will require training for your body and let’s make that introduction gradual keep everything within your physical limits and make sure you clean each toy properly after use that’s very important.


Number nine -the play partner finding a nice respectable compatible play partner adds to the appeal with all the information we have accessible why not start online there are numerous erotic stories there’s plenty of viewing material and you can even find someone who can have a little fun with you now before you decide to take this one step further and get into a real-life interaction.


Just make sure that you’re mentally emotionally and physically ready for it all this is a vacation can be fun but sometimes the physical act with another can be a little bit too much for some of us and that gets into my last point.


Number 10 limits and the nature of consent is part of the appeal for some this idea of forced or compelled sissification there are others who love to role play with the idea of exposure and blackmail whatever your kinks and your limits are define them from the very beginning and always make sure you keep them in check.


Sissification and sissy humiliation are one of those fetishes you can dabble in at a very superficial level or you can delve in completely when you’re in that persona and enjoy it to its full set of submissiveness


My 10 tips for getting into sissy action it’s one of those fetishes you can dabble in at a very superficial level all you can delve right in and lose yourself to it completely have a little fun with this one no matter how you choose to play keep it consensual keep it fun and most importantly keep it safe.

The Sissy Rules

This is always top of my list as a Mistress, ensuring my naughty girl has a note of all of my rules and a contract to sign to state she will at all times obey to every one of my rules or face some sort of punishment. You will sign the slave contract and pay your fee to serve your Mistress, memorising all of the rules as you will be tested at our sissy training school.

We will be making a separate page on this as there are just too many rules to list here so do watch out for our page dedicated purely to sissy rules and contracts. Below we have listed just a few to let you see what we have in store for all of our little bitches.

  • Don’t think of begging on your knees as degrading…
  • To wear female attire at all times
  • To ensure perfection with cock sucking techniques
  • To always Obey Mistress
  • To sign a sissy contract
  • To be in chastity if Mistress decides
  • Learn to curtsey
  • You will always pee sitting down.
  • A Journal/diary of all of your thoughts and desires
  • Hairless body
  • NO CLITTY touching unless permission was granted.
  • Plenty of foot worship for Mistress

These are just some of the rules but watch out for our page that is dedicated to the sissy rules 101